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DW: Terramon's line up by Milk-Love DW: Terramon's line up by Milk-Love
Here is Terramon's digivolution. Im working ona corrupted version of his champion form because I think he needs one due to the fact that most of his digilutions are dark in base so I figured he would have a hard time staying un corrupted at times. Ill update this when I make it =D

Scaremon (Shadow Fuzz)
(he just shakes making his fur stand out more so he looks bigger)

Terramon (Devilish Pixey Dragon)
- Gift Blast
(Terramon creates a small light that explodes like a small buft of wind at his opponent)

Jacklemon (Prehistoric rapter dragon)
- Heart Beat
(Jacklemon produces a strong pulse that aims for the heart, it could startle the heart or put miner stress on it but nothing fatal its main perpus is to 'paralize' distract the opponent so he can get closer to use his claws.)

- Creep
(Jacklemon gets up and personal with his opponent and uses his claws to trace attacks that he will try and make, make some of the attacks while using creep. It is mainly scratches)


Darstomon (Racing Storm)

Devitermon (Devil's Shadow)
(attacks might change)
- Play
(This is a darkness move, it creates the surounding area darkned and hard to see for normal eyes then Deviteramon uses the darkness to creat images that he uses as puppets with his tail hand while keeping away from his opponent with his normal limbs. This attack is inefficient if the opponent has good eyes)

- Torchered
(A self damaging attack. This attack allows Deviteramon to feel/experiance his opponents pain and find his opponents true heart and if it is savable or not.
This attack is brought with a waling sound as he his body runs threw all the attacks his opponent has had and makes conections to their heart to understand and help them)

- Puppet
(Deviteramon coppies his opponent's attacks in movement and acts mosltly like a limp puppet being puppeted by some unknown force, this attack does not always copies his opponent's attack's movement it can be free formed)

- Screech
(A loud scream that has much force behind it in sound, pitch, and blast of air. If you could discribe the sound it is electronical and unnatural)

Fallexmon (Guardian Angel)
_ Sakura Lightning
(Light Cherry blossom pink lightning is used to attack and create images. Making scenery with the lightning takes a lot of energy and if used to much can send him to his baby form or In-Training form)

- Final Nightmare
(A counter attack, he must be attacked and hit first before this move can be used.)

- Arrow of Courage
(A blue colored arrow made of electricity and feathers is created in his hands and can be fired off in a powerful attack. Max amount of shots is 5)

- Winged Sword
(A double-edged sword is created by loose feathers of his wings)

Terramon and digilutions (c) :iconmilk-love:

Digimon(c) to digimon people.

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